The Gooch Palms (from Australia)

The Gooch Palms (from Australia)

Panda Kid (from Italy), Susan

Sun · August 9, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

The Gooch Palms (from Australia)
The Gooch Palms (from Australia)
Once upon a time in a land far away a Frankenstein's monster of a baby was created. Equal parts GG Allin, Iggy Pop, Roy Orbison and Olivia Newton John (circa Let's Get Physical era); this baby was an unusual child that would be raised all the way across the oceans in the suburbs of Newcastle, Australia by two very normal parents. Their normality however, could not stifle the ever-growing demon inside the boy that at age 14 would be unleashed on an unsuspecting Novocastrian audience. This boy is Leroy Macqueen; singer, guitarist and one half of notorious garage-punk duo The Gooch Palms.
His partner in this story is Kat Friend, a fellow Novo that as a young girl, always dreamed of meeting her demented prince charming and starting a band with him. And sometimes, dreams really do come true. Not so long ago she picked up a couple of drum sticks, got herself two drums and has not looked back since. In the very short while it has taken Kat to become a bona fide shit-pop goddess, she has also become an absolute pro at providing the much needed yin to Leroy's schizophrenic yang, keeping it cool as a cucumber while oozing her very own brand of badass-femme-sass.
Together these two are an unstoppable force that have been turning heads and boners everywhere they go. They play catchy-as-hell pop music for the underdogs of this world, singing songs about bogan life in a small industrial town on an isolated continent in a far away hemisphere. Not to mention a lot of songs about outer-space. The Gooch Palms debut album Novo's delves into the reality of what life in Newcastle is like for these two misfits and the good, the bad and the boredom that comes with it. Released through Anti Fade Records Novo's quickly sold out of the first pressing with pressing number two available RIGHT NOW!
For almost 4 years Australia's favourite punk sweethearts have been melting faces with their high energy, take no prisoners, balls out, drool-inducing live shows. They make a lot of noise for a minimal two piece but what they lack in instrumentation they make up for in stage presence and songs that you'll be humming, whether you want to or not, for days, months or maybe even years after the show is over.
During their existence they have shared the stage with some amazing international acts such as Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Thee Oh Sees, 5,6,7,8's, Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, Shannon & The Clams, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Tyvek plus many more and have played some of Australia's biggest festivals including Big Day Out, Groovin' The Moo, Sydney Festival and Mona Foma to name only a few.
But after getting itchy feet in Australia, the pair decided to expand their horizons and crossed the big ol' Pacific to bring unsuspecting audiences in the USA the salty sweet taste of the gooch. They picked up a rental car which was kindly upgraded, practiced driving on the opposite side of the road and embarked on an extensive nation-wide tour of America ending at the legendary Gonerfest in Memphis, where Leroy expertly demonstrated his down-under snake handling and bushman climbing skills.
These guys aren't done with America just yet though, in fact the love affair has only just begun. The Gooch Palms are set to release a new 7" single through Detroit label Urinal Cake Records within the coming months and will be back in early 2015 for round two!
So keep your eyes, ears and foreskins peeled for The Gooch Palms, their coming for ya!
Panda Kid (from Italy)
Panda Kid (from Italy)
Panda Kid is a musician, songwriter and producer from Vicenza, Italy. His music is a strange mix of music from different cultures, all in one amazing, dirty lo-fi sound.
Susan (L.A.)(Burger/Volar)

Guitarist Jessica Owen, bassist Beth B. and drummer Katie Fern create melodic, hook-driven songs with layered vocal harmonies that are sure to get stuck in your head. With just the right amount of jangle and a driving rhythm section the power-pop trio dispense three-minute Sweet Tarts and tuneful takedowns inspired by the likes of The Go-Go’s, Shop Assistants, and Lush. Their debut EP “Just Call It” was released as a limited-edition 7-inch via San Diego’s Volar Records.
Venue Information:
The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110