Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood

Gothic Tropic, Alex Calder

Mon · June 8, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$18 adv / $20 door

This event is all ages

Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood
SURFER BLOOD’s fourth album, Snowdonia, (in stores Feb 3, 2017) is a return to their DIY recording roots, and at the same time, an ambitious step forward, musically and lyrically. Along with plenty of Surfer Blood’s signature catchy pop hooks, the band also concocted several epic and more complex songs with enormous attention to sonic detail. John Paul Pitts wrote and mixed the album alone, for the first time since their debut Astro Coast. The immediacy is intoxicating and the results are fantastic. Surfer Blood get better and better with each album, and we’re betting that they’ll be making great records for many years to come.

Surfer Blood are a magnificent indie rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida that formed when guitarist/vocalist John Paul Pitts and drummer Tyler Schwarz started playing better-than-great musical notes together in Dreyfoos High School. New members Mikey McCleary and Lindsey Mills also attended the same high school.

Surfer Blood began recording and touring immediately behind their infectious debut, Astro Coast (2010) and quickly took over almost the entire world (except for the deepest realms of the ocean and really, really cold places). The group followed suit with the Tarot Classics EP (2011), Pythons (2013) and 1000 Palms (2015). Surfer Blood have performed in 5 continents, toured with heroes like The Pixies and Guided By Voices, played on TV, at Coachella and giant festivals throughout the world, while also occasionally plugging in their amps at all-ages house parties. Surfer Blood are the cleanest and nicest band in existence.
Gothic Tropic
Gothic Tropic
"The Echo Park trio, whose ironically penned name brings to mind a mascara-drenched Siouxsie look-alike riding the 720 towards Santa Monica on a scorching summer, is actually less frenetic than their peers, with piercing guitar lines and across the fretboard taps fluttering at a steadier pace. Cecilia Della Peruti's reverbed vocals (of Rumspringa fame) give an added numinous quality to the band, whose recent EP, Awesome Problems, breezes by with casual allure and a touch of quirky experimental grooves." -The Deli

"... That kind of discourse is vital to the type of music Gothic Tropic plays, which is comparable to jazz in the way its creation is approached: its success is based upon each member's ability to selflessly collaborate but also individually flourish. Also, it's best live." LA Weekly

"Perhaps the most appropriately named band of the fest, Gothic Tropic sound like if the Rolling Stones had chosen to seclude themselves in Cuba, not rural France, to escape personal hardships and record their landmark album, Exile on Main Street. Psychedelic reverb pop with afro-cuban beats and melt-worthy vocals dressing up some of the best songwriting to hit this year's festival." Sled Island

"It is not that often that a band's moniker gives any indication about the sound of the band, but Gothic Tropic just does this. The Los Angeles trio injects some sunny Africanized loud guitars into their psych pop, but it gets a lot more complicated than that. Their style was playful, wrapped by bright tropical rhythms mixed with distortion, cultivating a quite unique vibe, which was full of energy while taking dark and strange detours. Their jolting songs were meandering around loops, were undulating with outbursts of punk energy and were growing into groovy extended jams. Their bumpy music had drawn a large crowd at Origami Vinyl. it worked, as people had started dancing in the store, moving along Della Peruti's distant vocals with an almost incantational nature… We were almost in a wonderful bizarre garage jungle." Rock NYC

"In short, Gothic Tropic is an ensemble of a dying breed, real musicians. You remember what those are right? What real music sounds like. A sound created in adolescent bedrooms, multiple cluttered garages, and empty studio spaces. No one sends in texts to vote for their favorite idol. Hires image consultants and public relation hounds to sniff out what's hip. Just three intelligent, talented, well-rounded, authentic musicians, coming together to make damn fine music and spread only the best of vibes. Do yourself, the band, and modern culture a favor: look them up and give them a listen." Manifold Mag

"This is the music in the background of a Tarantino film, or the same jams that make you think about the good times. They have the summer songs that blow "Pumped Up Kicks" out of the California Pacific, yet holds the same DIY excitement at the Laurel Canyon parties. Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Cecilia Della Peruti, sparks the groove that crawls up your neck; you just can't shake it off without joining in on the fun, or at least being recruited by Della Peruti's energized timbre and rough guitar licks. Bassist, Daniel Denton rocks with a '70s funk feel, as Della Peruti on guitar, brings the grit of garage punk into the crowd. Drummer, Liv Marsico, local face of percussion, rocks her ponytail out of her tie. Their tracks are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes during a road trip from Cali to Arizona. This Silverlake crowd is looking for the cool kids on the block and Gothic Tropic is it." -STRETCH LA
Alex Calder
Edmonton, Canada is is better known for its oil exports than its songwriters. However, 23 year old Alex Calder is taking a strong step in towards this changing. Shifting to Vancouver saw Alex pairing with fellow Edmontonion Mac Demarco (that's Alex as the female lead in the "Only You" video) playing in Makeout Videotape, scraping by, sleeping on couches and washing dishes. A move back to his mom's in Edmonton was when Calder began to write and record his own material honing his craft only ever showing close friends his work.

A strong love for classic 60's/70's guitar pop (Beach Boys, Beatles) as well as soft spots for Prince and Hall and Oates display his self proclaimed 'fascination with pop music'. While his influences certainly shape his work it is his natural ear for melody and movement, which make Calder's work both fluid and engaging. His knack and ambition both in his song writing and production provide a solid foundation for Calder's music to drift in an out of psychy realms.

'Suki and Me' has an air of mischief as it is tardily pushed along by it's bass line, (apt for someone whose perfect evening involves unlimited pinball and Bud) while avoiding the temptation that often comes with self-recording/producing to over layer his work. There are no over drenched chorus or walls of sound, instead leaving space for melody and texture to be neatly co-existent. Alex has found the sweet spot between slacker pop jangle and snug rhymtic production to create reassurance his songs have a are going somewhere.

To call his music lazy would be misdirected however, the sense of dragging is delicately addressed in almost voyeuristically in Lethargic. Intimate handclaps and shakers make it easy for one to visualize the living from which it came as Calder's questions what to do with his time both literally and existentially.
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The Chapel
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