Guy Fox, Ghost & The City

Sat · January 17, 2015

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Battlehooch is the kind of band you thought went extinct with landline phones & cassette tapes. In one sense they’re a band from another, sturdier era: a band that releases consistently quality material on a consistent basis, a band that doesn’t sacrifice creative drive for commercial interest, a band that grows and evolves with each successive release. From the beautiful madcap mess of debut LP Piecechow to the more refined yet still quite zany jams on Hot Lungs to a cool, polished psych-rock sheen on 2014’s Wink EP, Battlehooch has proven itself as a band built to last. They may possess an old-school mindset, but their music is weird & diverse enough to fit into this wild new century.

Formed in San Francisco, the birthplace of psychedelia, it’s fitting that the six-piece collective echoes the city’s tie-dyed past in its own compositions. However, the group isn’t content with becoming a mere tribute to a time period they never lived through. Instead, Battlehooch updates the sound of psychedelia for a new generation, one that can now access dozens of genres & millions of songs with a few clicks on their iPhones. Battlehooch reflects this modern trend of manic music consumption: on any of their many releases, the listener will be treated to a sonic smorgasbord, bouncing from hard rock to dance-pop to cartoony head trips to flirtations with electronica & jazz & Afrobeat & everything else in between within the span of a few minutes, sometimes even seconds.
Guy Fox
Guy Fox
Guy Fox is an Oakland based band that effuses dancy high life vibes with carefree indie vocals and hints of old soul. Combine the energy of alternative rock with big band arrangements and funk beat breaks, and you have the rare and impassioned music of Guy Fox.

The band is made up of Northeastern transplants drawn to the Bay Area by the romance of San Francisco. They played together throughout college, jamming at house parties and cultivating the free flow groove that makes their complex arrangements feel effortless.

A year after friend and band-mate, Pete Granquist (drums, vocals), relocated to the West Coast, Nate "Noodle" Witherbee (guitar, vocals, synthesizers) and Greg Waters (guitar, saxophone, vocals) packed up their car and moved to the Bay Area on a whim; an epic cross-country road trip ensued. The three friends were introduced to Charlie Moore (bass, vocals) at a house party, and Guy Fox was born.

After a year of playing warehouse parties and tapping into local creative spaces, Guy Fox's debut EP was released in early 2012, followed by sold out shows at top SF venues like Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du Nord and the Rickshaw Stop. The band also picked up accolades such as The Deli SF's "Artist of the Month" and Rasputin Music's "Buzz Band of the Week".

Their second EP "The Wild" is further evidence of Guy Fox's wide range of influences and inspired musical talent. The trajectory of the EP rolls out with tracks ranging from the candied vintage rock of "San Francisco" to the spirited electric funk of "Too Late." Though they cover a lot of ground, their trademark big band arrangements replete with brass, rich soaring harmonies, and garage-rock-meets-electronic-indie hit the surface on every track.

Pair this with their commitment to putting on a show that invites audiences to dance as if any venue were a living room, and what materializes is an earnest and unrestrained love of music that defies any cultural tropes of irony and aloofness.
Ghost & The City
Ghost & The City
Ghost & the City is a shining example of how style, experience and talent ally to create music that embodies elements of jazz, swing, trip-hop, pop and soul. Ghost travels across numerous musical genres to appeal to many tastes, creating music that defies conventionality, yet solidifies a distinctive sound.

Last year, the band expanded its musical personality farther to include a subsequent project and the title of their latest EP, Tet Sessions. The Tet, as it is affectionately known, features four of the bands members on rhodes, drums, tenor saxophone, upright bass and vocals to create an electric blend of sophistication and swagger. In August, Ghost & the City will drop its forthcoming project which will include transformed tunes from the first two albums. Heavy-handed with jazz and trip-hop elements, the next EP is sure to follow the success of it's bloodline.
Venue Information:
The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110