SF! NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off  with Jonathan Toubin, Jello Biafra & more!

SF! NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off with Jonathan Toubin, Jello Biafra & more!


Sat · November 25, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm


This event is all ages

San Francisco! This just in!... Last minute announcement! Get excited for Soul Party #1's return to the Bay!

New York Night Train SOUL CLAP & DANCE OFF!
- wiggle to the wild and wooly 60s soul vinyl NYC DJ Jonathan Toubin / New York Night Train 'til late
- 12AM $100 Dance Contest w/a colorful cast of judges including Jello Biafra
- and a whole lot more TBA!

'til late to thee o.g. 60s soul vinyl magic of nyc's legendary dee jay Jonathan Toubin / New York Night Train and his unique dynamic approach to turning the most exciting and exquisite dance music of the 1960s...

- 1st prize: $100 CASH!
- 2nd prize: Jonathan Toubin's latest Norton Records LP "Souvenirs of the Soul Clap, Vol. 5"


Jonathan Toubin
Jonathan Toubin
JONATHAN TOUBIN was awarded New York's "BEST DJ" in Village Voice's 60th Anniversary "Best of NYC" (2015): "We might live in an EDM world, but Jonathan Toubin has no truck with today's musical whims. Since 2007, Toubin's Soul Clap and Dance-Off has brought throwback pizzazz and retro cool to New York's late-night underground. Culled from an endless array of long-forgotten Sixties soul singles, Soul Clap is pure musical dynamite, the kind of after-hours party that exposes today's iTunes-bred, press-play DJs for their relative lack of roots and ingenuity. No fist-bumps or atomic bass drops here; instead, Toubin lovingly crafts five-hour sets that bring lost chestnuts from the likes of Vernon Harrell and the Blendells into clearer focus for a new generation of dance enthusiasts. You can try to put your moves to better use, but you'll be hard-pressed to find more cathartic, sweatier fun elsewhere in the city."

"Few people recognize the roaring, crackling songs; even fewer can really dance the blues. It doesn’t matter. The evening’s not about proving you know the most obscure records or looking good; it’s about some kind of soul-shaking alchemy. Before you know it, it’s the opening scene of “Dirty Dancing,” all swerving hips and bare shoulders—you would’ve sworn you’d be the last to dance, but there you are, breathless.... Spellbound bodies slip into the song’s shuffling rhythm, and Toubin reaches for the next bit of black magic." (The New Yorker, 2016)

"Rare record raconteur Jonathan Toubin returns to L.A. this Saturday to DJ one of his superlative Soul Clap and Dance Offs, in which you the dance-crazy people go even crazier than ever" (L.A. Record, 2016)

"Jonathan Toubin is a multihypenate in every sense of the word... Toubin fuses obscure rhythm and blues from the '50s and '60s, with rock 'n' roll and soul 45s. His ongoing New York Night Train parties easily draw those typically found sulking in corners of bars out onto the dance floor." (Interview Magazine, 2015)

"New York Night Train's Jonathan Toubin is a veritable NYC nightlife institution." (TIME OUT, "Best Parties in NYC Right Now," 2015)

"Jonathan Toubin is seriously one of the best DJs on the planet." (Detroit Metro Times, 2015)

Jonathan is pretty much the only DJ we actually like.” (VICE Magazine, 2014)

"Jonathan Toubin is New York rock and soul DJ who plays his collection of original 45rpm records to packed dance floors all over the world." (Outlook, BBC World Service, 2014)"

"The long-running Soul Clap remains one of the sweatiest dance parties to be experienced in New York City. Fueled by his rare and raucous 45s collection, DJ Jonathan Toubin draws on raw soul and the most feral strains of rock 'n' roll from the early 1960s to power the nights." (Wall Street Journal, 2014)

"Most fun ever!... Jonathan Toubin is one of our all time favorite DJs who spins rare 45s and travels around the world making people happy" (BUST Magazine, 2014)

"The world's PREMIERE soul DJ - on 45s, no less - no party is complete without a little Toubin." (MTV.com, 2014)

"Soul Clap is the most popular soul dance party in the world, playing to more people in more places than any other… Toubin plays all original soul 45s from the 1960s and uncommon upbeat cuts perfect for dancing the night away." (SXSW Music News, 2014)

"Jonathan Toubin is the reigning king of the sweaty, non-stop super-fun dance party" (Paper Magazine, 2014)

"He's a vinyl junkie in the best sense; spinning unique and rare 1960s soul 45s exclusively, yet comes off as cool and unpretentious. Toubin has been changing the world, with one wild 45rpm banger at a time." (PBS Australia, 2014)

"Particularly chic... one of the most popular spinners in Williamsburg and the founder of the New York Night Train dance parties. His fare is already cleaner and more appreciative of American pop music history than much of the rest." (NY Times, 2013)

"The best soul DJ in the land" (Flavorpill, 2013)

"Jonathan Toubin, the internationally famous DJ behind the New York Night Train parties, has built his career on a vast collection of obscure 45 rpm records and the "ultimate sonic boom" sound that they provide." (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 2013)

"The most-liked man in the soul music scene" (Rolling Stone, 2012)

"New York's best DJ" (VICE, 2012)

"A legend among Lower East Side entertainers and fans" (ABC News, 2012)

"To friends and fans, Mr. Toubin is the man behind New York Night Train, whose musical arsenal is made up of lesser-known artists from the 1950s and 1960s, captured on 45 r.p.m. records, with an occasional hit-maker like James Brown or Chuck Berry thrown in." (NY Times, 2012)

"Jonathan Toubin might be the crown prince of American soul-funk DJs. Obsessed with obscure 45s from the '50s and '60s, the New York icon aims to produce the energy and pacing of a modern club night, but with gritty, raw tunes that almost no one except a few crazed collectors and spinners have heard before." (SF Weekly, 2012)

"Indeed, Toubin's 45 r.p.m. record-fueled, rock-and-soul heavy dance parties were some of the best, sweatiest nights we've had in this city." (Gothamist, 2011)

"A couple weeks back, I was at the awesome Beachland Ballroom in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, when I was lured into the venue's adjoining tavern by a throng so frenzied I thought Lady Gaga must have made an impromptu drop-by. Nope -- it was New York City DJ Jonathan Toubin, whose Soul Clap & Dance-Off has grown from its humble Brooklyn-underground beginnings to a national phenomenon. Armed with an exceptional collection of vintage soul and R&B 45s, Toubin has been crisscrossing the country, spinning tunes while dancers compete for the grand prize (in Nashville, $100). The scene in Cleveland was bonkers, as sweaty contestants -- identified by numbers on their backs -- writhed, squirmed, shimmied and bounced the night away, while onlookers cheered, laughed and gawked at the incredible display of flailing bodies." (Nashville Scene, 2011)

"He spins nothing but 45-rpm records. He eradicates inhibitions. He induces mass hysteria. And sometimes, he even stuffs his vinyl into antique suitcases, gases up the Winnebago, and roadtrips to various American outposts of hipsterdom." (Miami New Times, 2011)

"Jonathan Toubin is the only person we can call a "professional DJ" without involuntarily making a jack-off motion with our hand... His parties are like what Ancient Stonehenge was like if it was, as archaeologists theorize, filled with people dressed many times better than you completely losing their shit." (VICE, 2010)

"DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin is known for single-handedly revamping NYC nightlife with his fun/sweaty New York Night Train Soul Clap dance parties" (Portland Mercury, 2010)

"I'm not one of the Schmucks who will lament over New York not being "what it used to be", but I will say that we're not fans of this dismal wasteland of Eurotrash tourists and guidos with polo shirts unbuttoned down to their navels grinding to the repetitive pounding of bad electro... Enter Jonathan Toubin, and his simple-yet-visionary approach to revamping the entire lanscape of New York and Brooklyn from midnight till the after hours. His New York Night Train parties have become stuff of sheer legend do to the simple fact that Toubin actually seems to care about what he is producing. His meticulous approach has paid off quite handsomely as pretty much each and every party with the Jonathan Toubin stamp on it seems to be the biggest party going on for that given night." (Impose Magazine, 2009)

"Jonathan Toubin is a local DJ with a penchant for two things: soul obscurities and making people move. He spreads his gospel by way of tireless sets at bars and clubs across the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, at which he'll host dance-offs, invite artists and other musicians to contribute to the merriment, and spin a heady blend of what he calls " Maximum Rock and Soul."... Expect even more music, dancing, and rambunctiousness than usual, knowing full well that "the usual" is already pretty hard to top." (The Onion A.V. Club, 2009)

"I remember the first time I walked into one of DJ Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap and Dance-Off parties at Glasslands Gallery. Wiggly mamas were shaking their manes and hitting the splits, gangly boys were swinging from the balcony, and the two dance contest finalists, having already ripped their shirts off, were vibe-a-ratin' like washing machines in the middle of a cheering crowd. And the music, man! I was getting hit by squall after squall of screaming, crackling soul tracks, some pitched so fast that I hardly knew how to move to them - so I did like everyone else and just let the music jerk my body around, flailing with the breathless abandon of a toddler. I'm a big fan of sixties soul music, but every song was new to me, each so raw and greasy and BIG and palpable that they had me scrunching my nose up and torquing my neck in this ecstatic frenzy. Now, I make a point of seeking out those rowdy shows and crazy parties that leave you sweat-soaked and grinning uncontrollably, but I've been hard-pressed to find anything that can top the roaring bliss of a New York Night Train Soul Clap."(Jezebel Music, 2009)

"New York Night Train's Jonathan Toubin throws the raddest underground rock parties in New York" (Paper Magazine, 2008)
Apache is a freewheeling rock n' roll collective. While SF fixtures Carlos Palacios and Omar Hernandez are the only constants in the group, the duo is always surrounded by a top-tier lineup of denim-clad misfits — including past and present members of The Cuts, Personal & The Pizzas, The Go, The Oh Sees and King Tuff. Since their shambolic first shows in 2005, the band has solidified their status as both a Bay Area institution and formidable international touring act.

Equally inspired by psychedelics and rock theatrics, the members of Apache skillfully recreate sounds from '70s subgenres like proto-punk and junkshop glam -- but with disregard for the hard-and-fast rules of tradition. Boasting hook-filled tunes like "Boys Life" and "Crystal Clear," the boys have had global success with tours that have taken them from tiny villages in Serbia to Black Sea cruises with The Misfits. Always committed to having a good time, the band has even been known to change the lyrics of their raunchy hit "Finger Banger" to the language of every country they enter on tour. The current lineup in particular, which features both a tireless frontman in Hernandez and an expert shredder in Nick Allen, consistently brings audiences to a frenzy — most notably at this year's Burger Boogaloo festival.

Over the years, the band has released two well-received albums, embarked on innumerable tours (including a recently completed Mexico stint), collaborated with New York's Daddy Long Legs and backed up Cherie Currie of the Runaways. A flagship Burger Records group, they've also enjoyed releases on Grazer, Douchemaster and Birdman Records. They've also inked licensing deals with Vogue, Kangol for Radio, Mog.com and, most fittingly, have enjoyed airplay on Alice Cooper's Evenings with Alice radio show. All this activity is in addition to the members' successful other projects — like Big Tits, Dancer, Slick! and Glitz. Currently, they are at work recording their third album Alcatraz — which is slotted for release next year on their own imprint King Rocker Records. In the meantime, they plan to tour heavily and ride Apache ride!

Current lineup:
Omar Hernandez - vocals
Carlos Palacios - bass
Nick Allen - lead guitar
Toni Lynn - rhythm guitar
Matt Costa - drums

Boomtown Gems LP (Birdman Records, 2007)
Radical Sabbatical LP (Burger Records, 2010)
"Boy's Life" 7" (Douchemaster Records, 2007)
"On the Outside" 7" (Savage Records, 2011)
"Civil Disobedience" 7" (Grazer Records, 2014)
Venue Information:
The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110