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The Electric Prunes

(((folkYEAH!))) Presents

The Electric Prunes

Strangers in a Strange Land, DJ sets by Cyril Jordan (of Flamin' Groovies), Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

Thu, January 12, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Chapel

San Francisco, CA


This event is all ages

The Electric Prunes
The Electric Prunes
“The sound of three sixties guitars roaring down the time tunnel to today is the best possible antidote to modern ennui. At the front of The Royal Festival Hall a few mad fools danced like it was the old days, at the rear, a lot of heads nodded appreciatively. In the middle, I tapped a toe and wished for more evenings like this.”
Pete Clark
Review: Royal Festival Hall
London Evening Standard

In 1966 amid a flurry of feedback, tremolo and fuzz the Electric Prunes emerged from the confines of their Los Angeles garage onto the world stage. Their hit single, “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)”, widely recognized as one of the first psychedelic hit records, heralded a transition in music and its presentation. Mojo Magazine writes, “Quite simply one of the defining moments of psychedelic pop. Its oscillating guitar effects and pounding bass announced the full possibilities of a new sound in under three minutes.” The follow-up single, “Get Me To The World On Time”, named one of the top 100 psychedelic records by Mojo Magazine, is recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the #20 psychedlelic record of all time. The band’s second album “Underground” is viewed as a “classic psychedelic masterpiece” and a cut from their “Mass in F Minor” concept album was selected for the soundtrack of the classic film “Easy Rider”. One magazine article referred to the Electric Prunes as, “the seminal philosophers of punk rock” and Mojo magazine named the band “Essential Cult Heroes”.
“Wiggly backwards distorted guitar gradually swelled in volume, like the hum of a thousand-pound bee crashing through your windows and onto your turntable. It was the kickoff for ‘I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night),’ one of the first out and out psychedelic hit records…there have been few other rock records that were as simultaneously experimental and commercial…At their best, The Electric Prunes devised arresting psychedelic rock with a sinister, otherworldly edge that walked a tightrope between innocence and madness.”
Richie Unterberger
Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers

In live performances their sonic combination of surf, psychedelia, tremolo and grit offered a unique auditory experience that was a far cry from the pop/folk music popular at the time. Touring extensively in the United States and Europe, they performed with contemporaries including Bo Diddley, Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, The Beach Boys, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Drifters, The Soft Machine, The Turtles, The Left Banke, Tommy James, Paul Revere and The Raiders, Steppenwolf and The Spencer Davis Group. A recording made for Swedish Public Broadcasting and unearthed 30 years later was released in 1997 by Heartbeat Records as the “Stockholm ‘67” album.
In 1968, the Reprise recording artists disbanded. They have not played together since then. Not until now.
“They were incredibly tight and the level of musicianship was high indeed, scotching the old rumors that they didn’t actually play their instruments. We’d waited thirty-five years to see The Prunes. It was worth it.”
Keith Clark
Bristol Evening Post
Bristol, UK,

After coming together in 1997 to work on mixing “Lost Dreams”, an Electric Prunes compilation CD for Birdman Records, founding members and principal song writers James Lowe and Mark Tulin decided it was time to pull the “Strat” out of the closet, dust off the amplifiers and go back to making music. Their goal was solely to do something they enjoyed and to reclaim their lost dream. Fashioning an analog recording studio out of a garage on a hill above Santa Barbara they started writing and recording. They were joined by original band members Ken Williams (lead guitar), Quint (drummer 1967-68) and Joe Dooley (drummer 1968). Peter Lewis, from the legendary San Francisco band Moby Grape joined the recording sessions and added his unique musical presence.
The result was the limited edition sold out release, “Artifact”, which demonstrated it is never too late to rekindle or rediscover your passion. The music is still buzzing, whirring and slithering with rawness only 60’s era garage music can produce. “Artifact”, voted the best new CD of 2001 by Blitz Magazine, was selected as one of top 10 CD's of 2002 by Music Dish Network.
“I give Artifact 3 thumbs up. No sentimentality required for listening pleasure. Just insert disk and bang head. It packs all of the Prunes’ signature elements – pile-driving psychedlipop, world music accents, a touch of smart-assed humor and a metric shitload of sonic sweet surprises. It’s magically delicious.”
Tim Horvath
In 2004, the Electric Prunes completed “California”. This CD presents the same eclectic and iconoclastic music found on the band’s first two Reprise albums. This music proves the hope, faith and promise from years before are alive, well, and kicking butt.

“The Electric Prunes return with copious amounts of their trademark fuzz ‘n feedback on their latest release, California (PruneTwang Music). These 13 tremolo-filled tracks take you on a trip with sonic stops that cover the spectrum of sounds that were born on the West Coast in the sixties; from the dreamy simplicity of the San Francisco sound to the more refined rumblings that emanated from LA to the gritty garage-feel of San Fernando, the band’s city of origin. The simple-is-better songwriting formula that keeps the older folk yearning from the good “ol daze” while attracting a demographic that was barely a twinkle in the paternal eyes, remains the modus operandi for the Prunes as they combine razor-sharp hooks and sing-along melodies in equal parts.”
Classic Rock Magazine
Continuing their dedication to growth and creativity, in December of 2006 the band released “FEEDBACK”. This collection of ten unique and individual songs marks a return to the sounds, imagery and humor that signified their 1960’s material. With all their landmark sounds - vibrating guitars, intense vocals, pounding drums. driving bass, and soaring solos - “FEEDBACK” is lust in a long line. FEEDBACK was recently voted one of the top 10 cds of 2007 by Classic Artists Today.
“When was the first time you heard music that was indefinable, a blast from the past yet modern at the same time. Ever play a CD you knew instantly was something out of the ordinary; something special you would insatiably crave forever more. Welcome to a day in the life of an Electric Prunes fan. Welcome to FEEDBACK, lust in a long line. The Electric Prunes have produced three new CDs since resuming recording and playing live a few years back. Artifact, California and now, their latest release, FEEDBACK. The echoes of the past material reverberate through every innovative cut on this new offering. It is pure unadulterated PruneTwang from start to finish. This band has always dodged classification. They live and play outside the box. With FEEDBACK they continue their legacy of playing what they want, how they want. “

“I swear to God within 10 minutes you are transported. No movie, no record can capture being in that room and hearing them play”
Steven Van Zandt
New York, NY

Following a successful appearance at Steven Van Zandt’s “Cavestomp” garage-psychedelic festival in New York City, the band decided to take their message of the reclamation of the heart and soul on the road. The band performs on an international basis, including appearances at festivals such as at Bay Pop (San Francisco), Canterbury Fayre (Canterbury, UK) VoxFest (Los Angeles), The Purple Weekend Festival (Leon, Spain), Fuzz Fest Northwest (Portland, OR) and The Underground Garage Festival (NYC). Tokyo (Japan) Festival appearances, as well tours such as the 2002 Rewired Tour of the UK and Greece and the 2004 Undone Tour of Europe prove that people are ready to re-experience (or in many instances experience) the wave of feeling and energy that are synonymous with the 1960’s. The band’s shows are not an attempt to recreate a musical past or some tired oldies show. Instead it is the past, in the present form, alive and rocking, playing the music as it can only be performed by those who were there when it all started.

The west coast band’s first British show since 1967 had everything, great songs and a healthy dose of self-mockery. ‘The only difference between the 1960’s and now is that you’ve all got your clothes on.’
Dave Ling

Combining their classic songs with new material, an Electric Prunes live performance brings to the stage the passion, power and commitment that were the foundations of music in the sixties; a sound and feeling missing from much of today’s music. The visual stimulation of a swirling light show; the olfactory sensation of burning incense; the sensory onslaught of whirring, churning and vibrating music - A true psychedelic experience.
“This band of seasoned veterans really is a unit hitting on all cylinders musically and visually. I cannot think of too many bands that have their act together like this that started back in the ‘60’s. They have all the experience and a multitude of maturity that enables them to be a step ahead of their contemporaries, even if they did have a layoff that lasted over 30 years, they still can kick some major ass. Whether you can remember this band when they first formed or you are just discovering them, this is something that is completely enjoyable for all music fans. The Electric Prunes are one of the granddaddies of garage rock and it is nice to see they have reformed to reaffirm their position as active rock n roll legends.”
Keith Hannaleck

Cut to today! The band releases their new CD WaS, a 15 cut experience that offers new material along with a few tasty live cuts from the past. This project spans the decades in content and approach with James Lowe and seasoned band members united for a final round of wiggly fuzzy mischief. Pruneswill to the Max! The band recently played dates in TOKYO, Japan in 2014 and James played fests in Italy and Sicily with the Fuzztones and Out The Keyhole.

Rediscover your inner passions and desires. The Electric Prunes are back and making music. You can do the same. Take a few steps back then…Come flying.

“The Electric Prunes are the best example of American psychedelia…”
Will Shade
Psychedelic Dreadnaught
They say …..

“When The Electric Prunes’ ‘I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)’ hit the Billboard Top 40 on January 21, 1967, it became the tune that broke psychedelia overground. The song’s limbo between hard-pumping garage rock and hippie tripping gave the music industry something familiar to latch onto amidst the weirdness. A new trend was born.”
Leila Regan-Porter
Defining Moments In Music

“Their ears rang not with angry voices of teenphobic neighbors but with joyous screams of recognition as that aperitif of guitar feedback excited the senses giving way to a bass line that raced like an athlete’s heartbeat.”
Mark Paytress
Record Collector

“From the mind expanding opening to the screaming-droning guitars to the (I Can’t Get No) satisfaction-derived drums, The Electric Prunes’ I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) induces speedy sonic flashbacks to the first chimes-of-freedom-flashin’ daze of 1967.”
Don Waller
Mojo Magazine

“The Electric Prunes? Fuck ‘em. They dissed me.”
David Axelrod
Mojo Magazine

“’Get Me To The World On Time’…Mind-melting lyrics, shrouding a basic teenage horniness, a killer Bo Diddley beat and a whole battery of effects meant to induce freaking-out: fuzz, wah-wah, reverb. ‘Here I go go, go,’ the band gibbers on the fade, as the guitarist shoots for the stars. “
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The Psychedelic Years

“’Artifact’ is a surprisingly fresh slice of psychedelic pop/rock… Not a lot of bands from the 1960's can re-group after three decades, let alone make as fine a record as this, and for that reason alone, ‘Artifact’ is well-worth seeking out. “
Matthew Greenwald
All-Music Guide

“Not only were The Electric Prunes one of the most daring bands of the sixties, but here it is years later and they’re still creating adventurous music. There’s little dispute that their new album, “California”, is possibly their greatest offering to date. Although the disc turns and churns with the same kind of psychedelic garage punk mentality that allowed The Electric Prunes to be so appealing in the first place, by no means are these tracks mere rehashes of what went before. “California” advances and expands on the past, while maintaining just the right amount of old school quirkiness. Providing a nice balance of experimental etchings and raw boned rock and roll, “California” is simply breathtaking. There will never be another band like The Electric Prunes, and this awesome album consistently confirms their genius.”
Beverly Paterson, Lance Records

“Got the "FEEDBACK' cd and it is BRILLIANT !!  These days, I rarely listen to, or buy, new CDs. I don't know... something about the 'spirit of Rock N Roll' got lost in recent years. FEEDBACK definitely has a Zappa-est tone to it. It is great that you can be remembered as a 60s band, and yet forty years later; present a new and unique sound again. That's quite an accomplishment that very few artists have been able to do ! Fans of the 60s sounds and of The Electric Prunes should be spreading the word that the band still 'has IT'.”
Roy Harper

“The band's latest album, ‘Feedback,’ continues their tradition of unique brilliance, leading it to be their most masterful venture to date. Even in the late sixties, when rock music knew no limits and was becoming increasingly stranger by the hour, The Electric Prunes belonged in a category all their own. A few years ago, the legendary Southern California band got back together and started recording again. Much to our delight, they remained totally committed to their original vision and wound up creating material rich with inventive impulses. Streaking their tunes with waves of reverb, distortion and quirky lyrics, The Electric Prunes sound exactly the same as they did in the sixties, yet their ideas are fresh and vital. The band's latest album, Songs such as "Hello Out There," "Circus Freak," "I'll Give You Feedback" and "Flying Blind" squirm and snarl with a sense of urgency. The vocals swell with intense emotions, the guitars squeal and hiss and the drumming is tight and tough. Something else that's really cool about these particular tracks is how they often throw the listener for a loop. The instruments twirl around and around, then suddenly a peculiar break appears, which in turn renders the cut into another dimension. Set to a jaunty tempo and noggin bobbing hooks that dig deep into the brain, "African Bees" carries a touch of new wave goofiness in the vein of Devo and The B52's, while "Batch Of Violins" is a tongue in cheek tribute to lounge lizard music. "Itzomad" slithers and slides with psychedelic scented signals of the Middle Eastern variety and the mellow but decidedly trippy "Innerlight Transcendence" sort of resembles Pink Floyd in certain parts. An astonishing array of garage punk, head music, art rock and oddball pop is what "Feedback" promises and delivers. To be sure, The Electric Prunes recorded a slew of superb music in the sixties. But they've progressed by leaps and bounds since then, and have developed into a band that's here and now.”
Twist and Shake Magazine
DJ sets by Cyril Jordan (of Flamin' Groovies)
DJ sets by Cyril Jordan (of Flamin' Groovies)
Cyril Jordan is a guitarist and founding member of San Francisco cult band the Flamin' Groovies
Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show
Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show
Analog liquid lightshow in the San Francisco tradition pioneered by Bill Hamm, and Brotherhood of Light,a main stay of the 60's ballroom scene.
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The Chapel
777 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA, 94110