Tues 8/16 – Free Bar Show! The Moon Meridian

August 12th, 2016

We’ve got yet another free bar show for all you beautiful people — on Tuesday, August 16th we have The Moon Meridian playing at the Chapel bar for FREE! The Moon Meridian is the current moniker for the ongoing solo project of Maya Johanna McNeil.

Her amassed collection of songs, produced over the last decade while residing up and down the California coast, orbits themes of human dynamic and disposition, often in story form. Along with original pieces, she is known for managing to produce haunting and sad covers with the usually joyous sounding ukulele, and dusting off treasured American heirlooms with the intent to preserve and observe history through songtelling. With a siren like voice you may lean closer, wondering if you did indeed see a silvery fish tail beneath her hem.